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Indo-Euro Synchronization is an initiative created by a group of experienced technical and business professionals to connect India and Europe closer together. With our diverse and wide set of knowledge about both the Indian and European academic and business environment, our aim is to form a technological transfer bridge between all participants. Through our activities, we strive to create a better technological future by enabling closer collaboration and knowledge exchange between universities, companies, supporting organizations and students from India and Europe. We believe that three elements are required for a closer common development: Educational programs, research partnerships and cluster collaborations.

Our educational programs are executed in partnership with leading universities, allowing Indian students and professionals to travel to Europe. Participants gain a comprehensive insight into the local industrial situation while at the same time enhancing their professional skills and career prospects through additional education.

Research partnerships are enabled by connecting industrial and research institutes through common events. This broadens the scope and speed of technology transfer between all parties, allowing European and Indian companies to take advantage of each other's unique abilities and features.

Cluster collaborations are encouraged on a national and supra-national level by leveraging our existing network of partners. By combining all three elements, we believe that we can contribute to a stronger and better world.


Indo-Euro Synchronization is a new concept designed and executed by Indo-European entrepreneurs, complemented by a group of reliable and experienced partners in leadership positions around the world. Our advisory team provides the strongest foundation for our organization, enabling us to tap into skills, experiences and resources held by some of the leading organizations in their industries. Together with our driven and professional team, we are confident in making Indo Euro Synchronization successful.


Applied Robot Control

Research Lab Establishment – ARC Universities worldwide improve their educational concepts continuously. However, they lack concrete training for job with hands-on experiences, which makes a student fit for the business life. Indo Euro Synchronization tackles this problem and organizes the establishment of R&D labs in India, with the worldwide renowned partners ‘APS GmbH – European Centre for Mechatronics’, Germany and ‘Steinbeis Center for Technology Transfer’, India. The aim is to enhance the current education by introducing concrete industrial automation concepts by teaching robotics at Indian universities, with access to real industrial robot. Further, these labs can support Indian industries including SMEs by providing automation solutions tested under real production requirements. In addition, the gap is bridged to participate at global research programs in the future.

An initial step for the implementation, ARC has already been organizing regular student seminars in Germany including workshops and live experiments at APS in Germany. ARC provides to the students the access to industrial robotics under production conditions with remote control. An extensive exchange program for Indian faculty members guarantees the high quality of the educational lessons and practical courses. These practical courses allow direct control of the industrial robots in Germany from Indian universities. Concretely, the students learn simulating, programming and controlling the robots in order to test their results at these industrial robots, which are equipped with grippers, sensors, etc.

apps   Exchange Programs


AutoSol - This an initiative taken up by IndoEuroSync, by understanding the actual importance of upgrading technological knowledge of Indian students/engineers and for a better technological future, we form a technology transfer bridge between Indian and European; academic and industry segments.

AutoSol, is the unique opportunity for students to obtain cutting edge European technology in the fields of Mechanical, ECE, EEE, CSE, Automotive & Mechatronics. AutoSol would be promising its participants unprecedented outlook into the technology world.

Project Exchange Program - An initiative by Indo-Euro Synchronization to facilitate Indian students to come to Germany for a project exchange during their under graduation courses. Some key facts about the PEP

  1. * Duration : 3 months
  2. * Course Discipline : Automation and Robotics, Automobile, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics and Management Studies
  3. * Internship with top German Universities
  4. *Benefits to the students :
    1. Unique opportunity to work and obtain hands on experience on European Research/Industrial Projects being 3 months in Germany
    2. German University Certification
    3. Language course. Cultural/Industrial exposure
    4. 30 credit points, which can be carry forward in further education. (if further education in similar domain)
    5. Online teaching support from German experts while student in home country
    6. Chance to visit the various German industries, universities, European career fairs


GEMS : German center for Advanced Engineering and Management Studies is a branch of Indo-Euro Synchronization, which was keenly in to technology transfer and research activities in various corners of the world along with their European partners. Currently with our program - Project Exchange Program (PEP), we are encouraging the students to solve the European research/industry problem by providing an opportunity to solve the real world problem at one of our partner academic/research alliance in Germany. This program offers project exchange in the field of Automobile Engineering in cooperation with Automotive Research center - Technical University of Chemnitz. Structures, Medical applications, Human centric Engineering in cooperation with Sports Engineering department under Mechanical Engineering - Technical University Chemnitz. Mechatronics, Automation and Industrial Robotics with APS GmbH - European Centre for Mechatronics, Aachen along with few guest lectures form FH Aachen & RWTH Aachen University experts. General Management and leadership courses with Steinbeis Global Institute under Steinbeis University, Berlin. Manufacturing, Mechanical, Electrical, High performance computing with Steinbeis Institute for Advanced Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship under Steinbeis University Berlin, etc


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