Rural Electrification and Sustainable Energy Solutions Telangana

Empowering Education Through
Rural Electrification and Sustainable Energy Solutions


In the heart of Katavaram, a rural village in Andhra Pradesh, a pre-primary school struggled to maintain regular attendance due to unstable grid electricity. This dearth of reliable power hindered the learning environment and had an adverse impact on the overall educational experience of the students depite being a part of the mid-day meal program. The iconic sight of a single CFL bulb in the school premises illuminated their educational journey, with its glow indicating whether classes would take place that day.


The unreliable grid connection not only disrupted classroom activities but also discouraged students from attending school. The school's meagre infrastructure made it even more challenging for students, particularly girls, to attend regularly. Lack of proper lighting, sanitation facilities, and access to technological resources hindered their holistic development.

Unreliable grid connection


Recognizing the critical need to address this issue, a rural electrification project was undertaken in collaboration with the pre-primary school. The solution involved the installation of a solar and hybrid energy storage system known as the OneBox (3kVA). This solution provided energy independence to the school, ensuring a stable and continuous power supply.


The impact of this rural electrification project was far-reaching and transformative:

Impact of Sustainable energy solution

  1. Increased Attendance:
  2. With the implementation of the solar and hybrid energy storage system, the school achieved energy independence. This led to a remarkable increase in student attendance. The reliable power supply created a conducive learning environment, encouraging students to attend school regularly.

    Empowering girls education

  3. Empowering Girls' Education:
  4. The availability of consistent electricity had a significant positive impact on girls' education. The access to water and sanitation facilities, made possible by the reliable power supply, enabled girls to attend school comfortably. This marked a step forward in promoting gender equality in education. We will always do our best.

  5. Enhanced Infrastructure:
  6. The school's infrastructure underwent a remarkable transformation. The installation of the OneBox® system paved the way for the establishment of a fully equipped IT lab. This facilitated e-learning classes and introduced students to the digital world, broadening their educational horizons.

  7. Quality Education:
  8. The consistent power supply enabled e-learning and remote monitoring capabilities. With internet access now available at the school, quality education received a boost. The IT lab and the integration of technology into the curriculum improved the overall learning experience.

    Unintterupted power supply

  9. Community Development:
  10. The project not only impacted the school but also influenced the community. The availability of electricity made the school a focal point for various activities beyond classroom hours, fostering community engagement and development.


The rural electrification project in Katavaram's pre-primary school stands as a testament to the transformative power of sustainable energy solutions. The partnership between technology, education, and social development led to improved attendance, gender equality, enhanced infrastructure, and access to quality education. Through this initiative, the school emerged as a beacon of progress, illuminating the path for a brighter and more empowered future for the students and the community at large.