Lithium-ion Battery for Electric Vehicles

The National Mission on "Transformative Mobility and Energy Storage" was established by the government of India in March 2019. To ensure that the market for electric vehicles and energy storage technologies is competitive in the near future, it aims to develop a complete domestic ecosystem around EVs, including the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries and all other components.

Electric vehicle manufacturers are making huge investments to give lithium batteries a new lease of life in large-scale battery storage systems. Innovations in lithium battery technology, reductions in moving parts, and zero tailpipe emissions make EVs an economically viable and sustainable mobility solution gaining global support from policymakers and industry leaders. Lithium battery technology is vital for companies endeavoring to meet the world's growing appetite for electric vehicles. The present EV battery market is dominated by lithium-ion and lithium-iron phosphate because of its range, cost of raw materials and other factors.

There are several noticeable synergies between other advantages and using battery energy storage for EV charging. Compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries offer better energy densities. The materials used in lithium-ion battery technology enable the storage of lithium ions at greater densities. Travel distance improves as a result of this. Battery systems for electric vehicles are made up of arrays of several individual cells. Temperature and charge within these packs are monitored by sophisticated control systems. You have the opportunity to lessen your greenhouse gas emissions by refueling your vehicle with renewable energy like solar power while it's being charged with electricity.

The ideal battery for an electric vehicle is the one build exclusively for it. Stocked batteries have the tendency to differ in sizes and energy output or capacity. Vision Mechatronics, is a leading electric vehicle battery manufacturer in India, to customize EV battery for your vehicles along with proper chemistry, system design safety, and communications to perform.


Solar Engineering


Site Audit

Risk Analysis

Cost Estimation

Selection of appropriate Mounting Structure

Solar Procurement


Safe & secure logistic services.

Selection of best in-class solar-panels,batteries, & inverters.

With German collaboration, we provide the worlds first internet lithium ion battery.

Solar Procurement


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Coordination and supervision of the commissioning process by skilled engineers.

Assure the highest level of quality within the time and cost deadlines, in total compliance with local regulations.


Site Auditing

Site Audit

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Obtain the proper Permits

Mounting Structure

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Finalize Connections