Energy Storage for Residential

Our energy storage systems offer single integration for both old and new solar power. Lithium-ion batteries in it provide independence from utility grid by storing energy for self-consumption or as backup power.

Our Residential energy storage systems has a capacity to build an uninterruptible power supply system for residential loads to combine diverse energy sources for load shifting with better power quality along with economic benefits and reduced electricity cost.

Lower Electricity Bills, More Savings

With easy installation and compact design, Vision Mechatronics compliments variety of residential energy storage systems and rooftop solar systems. A residential lithium battery energy storage system enhances independence from grid instability by storing solar energy for application when the sun isn’t shining. This system has additional advantage of reducing carbon footprint while securing the house from power outrages.

We hold customer satisfaction above all else

Supporting residents in reducting their electricity costs, Vision Mechatronics combines quality equipment to provide the best return on investments in the solar energy industry Know how residences can benefit by reducing their dependence on the commercial power grid and their exposure to electric rate fluctuations.


Solar Engineering


Site Audit

Risk Analysis

Cost Estimation

Selection of appropriate Mounting Structure

Solar Procurement


Safe & secure logistic services.

Selection of best in-class solar-panels,batteries, & inverters.

With German collaboration, we provide the worlds first internet lithium ion battery.

Solar Procurement


Integrating all civil, structural & electrical work in orderly pattern.

Coordination and supervision of the commissioning process by skilled engineers.

Assure the highest level of quality within the time and cost deadlines, in total compliance with local regulations.


Site Auditing

Site Audit

Obtain Proper Permits

Obtain the proper Permits

Mounting Structure

Consider Sun's Location

Energy Storage Structure

Select Appropriate Storage & Structures

Mount Solar Panels

Mount your Solar Panels

Finalize Connections

Finalize Connections