Energy Storage for Commercial Business

Innovation and technology are top priorities for businesses to be relevant. Therefore, companies are looking for alternatives to optimize their energy costs while also maintaining the energy ecosystem. Many corporations are turning to business-to-business (B2B) solution providers to achieve their corporate sustainability goals. Corporate sustainability agenda has gained momentum in recent years. It is time to consider alternate renewable energy sources along with energy storage installation for business to become energy independant for decades to come.

The cost of electricity is one of the highest overhead costs for businesses. Commercial power grids are subject to electric rate fluctuations, which can cause sudden price increases and uncertainty for businesses. That's why it might be time to consider solar and energy storage installation for your business. Your business may reduce peak energy consumption, spend less on demand services, and squeeze in secure, predictable energy costs for decades to come by integrating solar and storage.
Look at how your business can benefit by reducing its dependence on the commercial power grid and its exposure to electric rate fluctuations.

Cut Business Overrheads

Cuts overhead business costs

Cash Flow And Profits

Improves cash flow and profit

Independence Energy

Create energy independence

Tax Benefits

Offers excellent tax benefits

System Monitoring

System Monitoring


Provides payback in less than 10 years

Employee Satisfaction

Improving Employee Satisfaction


Winning more customers from Go green initiatives

It is time to start contemplating a more sustainable future for the commercial sector. We need to be proactive in creating a future that is conducive for business and the planet. We support you to create more dependable, secure, and cost-effective modern energy systems.


Solar Engineering


Site Audit

Risk Analysis

Cost Estimation

Selection of appropriate Mounting Structure

Solar Procurement


Safe & secure logistic services.

Selection of best in-class solar-panels,batteries, & inverters.

With German collaboration, we provide the worlds first internet lithium ion battery.

Solar Procurement


Integrating all civil, structural & electrical work in orderly pattern.

Coordination and supervision of the commissioning process by skilled engineers.

Assure the highest level of quality within the time and cost deadlines, in total compliance with local regulations.


Site Auditing

Site Audit

Obtain Proper Permits

Obtain the proper Permits

Mounting Structure

Consider Sun's Location

Energy Storage Structure

Select Appropriate Storage & Structures

Mount Solar Panels

Mount your Solar Panels

Finalize Connections

Finalize Connections