Energy Storage for Government and Communities

Public sectors involve infrastructure like airports, roads, street lighting, military setup, law enforcement, public transit, public schools, banks, power generation, etc. are energy users. The general public expects the public sector to lead by example in terms of efficient use of public funds. Saving energy is a critical component of this.

The government has committed to net-zero targets, which will require further action. At Vision Mechatronics, we believe there is a great opportunity for the public sector to contribute to our energy system transition, while saving money for public services. A broad range of lithium battery energy solutions, including energy efficiency, monitoring, optimization, and on-site generation, can help larger energy users take control of their energy and turn it into an opportunity.

Renewable Energy Demand in the Public Sector

Shifting from traditional sources such as fossil fuels to renewable resources can be a simple and effective way to meet this ever-increasing energy demand. Vision Mechatronics contribute significantly to the government's goal of 500 GW of non-fossil fuel power capacity by 2030. Look at how your public sector can benefit by reducing its dependence on the commercial power grid and its exposure to electric rate fluctuations.


We deliver Quality Energy Solutions.

Vision Mechatronics assists you in overcoming obstacles in every field, whether they are global, national, regional, or local. We combine in-depth regional and international knowledge to provide ground-breaking answers to challenging problems.


Solar Engineering


Site Audit

Risk Analysis

Cost Estimation

Selection of appropriate Mounting Structure

Solar Procurement


Safe & secure logistic services.

Selection of best in-class solar-panels,batteries, & inverters.

With German collaboration, we provide the worlds first internet lithium ion battery.

Solar Procurement


Integrating all civil, structural & electrical work in orderly pattern.

Coordination and supervision of the commissioning process by skilled engineers.

Assure the highest level of quality within the time and cost deadlines, in total compliance with local regulations.


Site Auditing

Site Audit

Obtain Proper Permits

Obtain the proper Permits

Mounting Structure

Consider Sun's Location

Energy Storage Structure

Select Appropriate Storage & Structures

Mount Solar Panels

Mount your Solar Panels

Finalize Connections

Finalize Connections