Energy Storage for Industrial and Manufacturing

Many industrial establishments have a strong interest in power management. Finding cost-effective solutions is a primary concern for decision-makers because energy prices can be a daunting operational expense for even tiny businesses. The cost and quality of energy have a significant impact on the operations and profitability of industries and manufacturing sectors.

The installation of energy storage devices is one solution that has gained popularity and proven efficacy. Energy storage offers crucial industrial facilities backup power, reducing production losses and expensive equipment damage. By storing excess renewable energy and utilizing it on demand, can assist you in maximizing the energy efficiency and effectiveness.

The Lithium Battery Energy Storage Solution enables you to:

Peak Shavings

Peak Shaving

Load Shifting

Load Shifting

Safe and Clean

Safe and Clean

Back-up Power

Back-up Power

Grid Flexibility Service

Grid Flexibility Service

Renewable Integration

Renewable Integration

Look at how your production and manufacturing can benefit by reducing their dependence on the industrial power grid and their exposure to electric rate fluctuations.

Cut Business Overrheads

Cuts overhead business costs

Cash Flow And Profits

Improves cash flow and profit

Independence Energy

Create energy independence

Tax Benefits

Offers excellent tax benefits

System Monitoring

System Monitoring

Employee Satisfaction

Improving Employee Satisfaction


Winning more customers from Go green initiatives

Future Investment

Invest in the future

We hold customer satisfaction above all else. Vision Mechatronics is here to help you with your most recent industrial dilemma and has a demonstrated track record in a wide range of industrial applications. Whatever it is - automation, UPS, CAV, motor control, traction, or anything else - we have a best-fit solution that will ensure the success of your idea on the global market.


Solar Engineering


Site Audit

Risk Analysis

Cost Estimation

Selection of appropriate Mounting Structure

Solar Procurement


Safe & secure logistic services.

Selection of best in-class solar-panels,batteries, & inverters.

With German collaboration, we provide the worlds first internet lithium ion battery.

Solar Procurement


Integrating all civil, structural & electrical work in orderly pattern.

Coordination and supervision of the commissioning process by skilled engineers.

Assure the highest level of quality within the time and cost deadlines, in total compliance with local regulations.


Site Auditing

Site Audit

Obtain Proper Permits

Obtain the proper Permits

Mounting Structure

Consider Sun's Location

Energy Storage Structure

Select Appropriate Storage & Structures

Mount Solar Panels

Mount your Solar Panels

Finalize Connections

Finalize Connections