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Introducing the Future of Graphene Battery

Mega Watt Scale Hybrid Energy Storage Project

Vision Mechatronics, a pioneering leader in energy storage technology, is to unveil groundbreaking product set up to revolutionize the way we power our lives. These innovations represent a significant leap forward in product design, energy density, longevity, and reaffirming Vision Mechatronics as a pioneer in the battery industry.

Batterene - All New Graphene Battery

The New Graphene Battery - Batterene harnesses the extraordinary properties of graphene, to deliver high energy density, and fast charging & discharging speed. With its remarkable durability, this battery boasts an extended lifespan that will significantly reduce waste and environmental impact. Batterene battery is equipped with Active Cell Balancing BMS, advanced safety features and IOT compatibility to ensure seamless connectivity and monitoring. Batterene battery is light weight, high energy density and compact.

This breakthrough technology holds the potential to redefine energy storage across industries, from electric vehicles and consumer electronics to renewable energy storage solutions. Its superior performance and eco-friendly design mark a pivotal moment in our commitment to a sustainable energy future.

Join us for an exciting product launch at The Global Innovation Theatre - The Battery Show India, taking place on the 5th of October from 11:40 AM to 12:20 PM at the India Expo Center in Noida.

About Vision Mechatronics

Vision Mechatronics is a proud to be a technology company that started off in 2009 with very small robotics project and today operates in Robotics, Renewable Energy and Lithium ion Energy Storage. Vision Mechatronics provides customizes interdependent products in parallel with clients' needs to revolutionize quality content.

About Dr. Rashi Gupta – Founder and MD - Dr Rashi Gupta, fondly known as Batterywali of India, is the pioneer of manufacturing of Advanced Lithium Batteries in India along with the Worlds Smartest Lithium Battery A Women Entrepreneur who has been fearless & ferocious in creating a brand for herself & the company in these male dominated fields. If one takes a closer look at the alchemy of this achiever, two distinct virtues pop up, besides perseverance & hard work.

Vision Mechatronics Founder and MD, Dr. Rashi Gupta, commented on the launch of the new products:

We are excited to introduce these innovative Batterene the Graphene battery to the market. It symbolizes our commitment to pushing the boundaries of energy storage technology, making cleaner and more sustainable power accessible to all.