Microgrid Independent Energy System
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Independent Energy Systems

What is a Microgrid?

A microgrid is an independent energy system that provides electricity to a defined area. It functions as a local grid and can manage, control, and monitor the energy requirement of the facility. It can operate in grid-connected as well as stand-alone mode.

Key Features of Microgrid:-

1. Microgrid incorporates on-site renewable energy like solar and wind, making it a greener, more sustainable solution.
2. Saves energy expense by managing demand, storing power, and exporting back to the grid in case of excess generation.
3. Improves reliability and stability, ensuring electricity availability even during grid outages.

appsHow does a Microgrid Work?

A microgrid is distinct from the traditional grid. Microgrid generates electricity on-site from solar, wind, and diesel generators. It can be integrated with the utility grid as well. All sources of electricity are connected to a battery energy storage system which stores energy and deploy when required.

Vision Mechatronics Microgrid Solution

appsWho can benefit from Microgrid?

Microgrid beneficiaries
Microgrid beneficiaries
Microgrid beneficiaries
Microgrid beneficiaries
Microgrid beneficiaries

Today, organization of different types are going to microgrids and dispersed energy assets for monetary and supportability benefits. We've worked with a different types of clients: from small scale residential users to large scale commercial entities. Any organization trying to oversee energy costs, advance supportability and build versatility can profit from a microgrid.

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India's First 1MW Scale Hybrid Energy Storage Project by Vision Mechatronics

Vision Mechatronics a leading name in the Energy Storage Industry has offered a ZeroBlackout Solution to Brahmakumaris at Om Shanti Retreat Centre. The Retreat Centre has opted for a Solar based unique combination of MW scale Hybrid Battery storage system i.e., Lithium-Lead hybrid which has utilized the existing old batteries with the fresh new Lithium Batteries to have a long duration backup to ensure that there is a smooth power transition when the grid fails.

World's Smartest Lithium Batteries
The Retreat Centre has opted for a Solar-based unique combination of a 1 MW Hybrid Battery storage system with a Storage Capacity of 614kWh Lithium Batteries synchronized with the Existing 480kWh Tubular Gel Batteries successfully commissioned for the first time in India. It was important to have a commercially viable solution for 8 to 18 hours of backup, so we achieved it by Hybrid Energy Storage which is a combination of 'World's Smartest Lithium Batteries' together with tubular gel batteries (lead-acid variant).

1MW Scale Hybrid Energy Storage Project
The Project has already been up and running successfully since July 2021. Using a Hybrid Energy Storage System has ensured that there is maximum utilization of existing resources at the time of addition of new ones to achieve a cost of energy at Grid Parity. This micro-grid effectively performs the functions of Backup, Frequency Regulation, Grid Feed, Voltage Regulation, Black Start, Smooth Power Transition, Diesel Replacement. The system also has preventive and predictive monitoring to detect faults in advance to ensure smooth and reliable functioning. The Microgrid is Made in India with 100% indigenous design and 80% components manufactured and sourced in India.

Reasons For Opting The Hybrid System

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Vision Mechatronics has been awarded the ISGF Innovation Award 2022 ~Diamond Level Award for the Award Category "Best Smart Grid Project in India by Technology Company”, by India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF), a Ministry of Power, Government of India’s Public Private Partnership Forum at Gurugram in March 2022.

This ISGF award is given in Recognitions of The India’s first 1 Megawatt Scale Hybrid Energy Storage Project. Vision mechatronics offered a ZeroBlackout solution to Brahmakumaris at Om Shanti Retreat Centre.

Vision Mechatronics Microgrid Solution