Our Approach to

At Vision Mechatronics, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are important and we try to collectively take action and impact the challenges facing by our world. The SDGs include 17 goals on everything from ending extreme poverty to gender equality, water quality, zero hunger, and clean, affordable energy. SDGs' ambitions can be achieved with the cooperation and efforts of all sectors - business, government, and society.

We take all 17 SDGs seriously and try to contribute toward achieving those goals. Vision Mechatronics is strongly focused and a major contributor in the areas of gender equity (SDG 5), affordable and clean energy (SDG 7) and climate action (SDG 13).

Everyone is given equal opportunity and is treated equally at Vision Mechatronics. Gender equity is maintained within the company. Discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited. In one of our recent 1MWh Microgrid projects at Om Shanti Retreat Centre, the involvement of women from each organization was greater numbers. This is worth noting as the energy industry has always been a Male dominant industry.

Vision Mechatronics SDG-5

Access to electricity has improved in India as the vast majority of households are connected to the grid. The problem is the reliability of the grid as power cuts are still quite relevant. Vision Mechatronics helps economically deprived people and rural schools get reliable access to electricity and that too in a sustainable way. We also provide cost-effective energy solutions to our customers.

Vision Mechatronics SDG-7

At Vision Mechatronics, we take cognizance of the climate crisis we are facing and want to play an effective role in helping build a better world. We focus on three areas: decarbonizing, switching to renewable energy, and transitioning to a low-carbon fleet by offering cleaner, greener, sustainable energy storage solutions.

Vision Mechatronics SDG-13


Playing Our Part In

Diesel Generator Replacement

The solution we provide helps the world decarbonize. We help our clients minimize and replace the diesel generator completely. We have done multiple projects. This allows them to utilize the space that was being used for storing diesel for other purposes. While designing our products we have taken into account the safety of both plants and animals. Our Systems are Shockproof, Non-Flammable, and Silent. We believe in living in harmony with nature.

Diesel Generator Replacement

Renewable Energy

We are helping domestic, commercial, and industrial users shift from conventional ways to new renewable and green ways of generating and using power. We encourage the usage of Energy Storage based Microgrids projects coupled with Renewable Energy for our clients and help them take the first step into sustainable development while also contributing towards countries' NDCs. We are constantly working towards implementing new technology pilots through global cooperation that are efficient, cleaner, safer and greener.