An off-grid solar system provides electricity at all times. To ensure this, an off-grid solar system requires battery storage and an inverter. The addition of an inverter allows the system to convert DC (Direct Current) coming from the batteries into AC (Alternating Current). The battery systems conventionaly used have to be replaced after 10 years. They are complicated, expensive and decrease overall system efficiency. Therefore, we have shifted to use of our OEM battery systems Li-Rack, which uses Lithium technology. This enables it to have : a longer life, better efficiency and it also occupies less space. The photovoltaic system ensures that the customer never faces power cuts and can be installed in any location with good solar irradience.

Off-grid Solar System



→ Completely Independent

→ Long Life

→ Hassle Free

Components of Ongrid Systems


→ Solar Panels

→ Battery Systems

→ Inverter



→ Low Electricity Bills

→ Faster ROI

→ Better Savings



→ Best suited for Urban Areas with Strong Grid Connectivity